Engineering Consulting

Design, Development Testing, Problem Solving, Engineering Process

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Employee Training

GECS will provide a complete training course covering every aspect of power-train cooling design and development.

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Technical Sales

GECS is able to provide you with total technical sales support for the North America automotive OEM market.

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Welcome to the Home Page for Global Engine Cooling Solutions.

Four reasons to get to know GECS!

We Love Our Work!

1Power-train cooling and HVAC are our passions. Alfred Gunther has spent his entire career of more than 35 years working to advance the understanding and technology of powertrain cooling and HVAC systems.

History of Exellence

2Alfred Gunther has been awarded three patents and has authored many engineering specifications and best practices in this field. He has been responsible for growing current client sales by more than $4M/year since 2009.

Vision for the Future

3GECS is actively working to provide a network of sales associates in every major automotive OEM and PTC/HVAC supplier market. Our vision is to have the ability to connect any PTC/HVAC Tier 1 supplier to any… (read more)

Unsurpassed Value

4GECS is able to provide your company with top quality sales and engineering support at a fraction of the cost of operating a local office. All of our services are 100% contracted (US-1099), so there are…(read more)